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By adding your contact details below and pressing send, you will be calling for the following National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) amendments to be made in order to better support UK General Aviation. Your consultation response will be sent to the Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government. If you would like to read the Government’s draft revised NPPF, you can find it here.

New Paragraph 105(f) does for the first time recognise General Aviation in the NPPF. However, these are the following four changes that the APPG believes should be made in order to better allow General Aviation to support science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) jobs and growth in the UK: These are the changes you will be calling for by adding your details below and pressing send.

In paragraph 105, subsection (f), remove “maintaining” and insert protecting, maintaining and enhancing”.

In paragraph 180, after “music venues,” and before “and sports clubs”, insert general aviation airfields,”

In the Glossary at Annex 2, under the definition of Previously Developed Land, after “This excludes:” and before “land that is or has been occupied by agricultural or forestry buildings”, insert land that is or has been used for aviation purposes;”

In the Glossary at Annex 2, insert the following new definition: General aviation airfields: Licensed or unlicensed aerodromes with hard or grass runways often with extensive areas of open land related to aviation activity. Airfields form part of the national transport infrastructure. Changes in technology will require aerodromes to adapt and change over time.


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