Working Groups

The All-Party Parliamentary Group has established four Working Groups, as there is a great deal of work to be done to support and enlarge the General Aviation sector in the UK. Each Working Group brings together experts in the field to carry out Parliamentary Inquries on behalf of the wider all-party group, and makes recommendations which can be presented to Parliament and Ministers. This might, for example, entail making submissions to Government or local authorities on relevant consultations.

The four All-Party Parliamentary Group Working Groups are as follows:


The Airfields Working Group is established to directly address issues surrounding the decline of General Aviation airfields. The Chair is John Gilder, with Luke Pollard MP as the parliamentary Chair.


The Airspace Working Group is concerned with how UK airspace is divided up between different categories of aviation users.Chaired by Pete Stratten with Lord Kirkhope as the parliamentary Chair.

STEM Jobs and Skills

The STEM Jobs and Skills Working Group was established to educate Parliament and Government and propose policy designed to  promoting high-tech STEM throughout the UK.  

The Chair is Karen Spencer.

Tax & Regulation

The Tax & Regulations Working Group works to propose improve tax and regulations with regard to general aviation. The Chair is Charles Henry, with Chris Matheson as the parliamentary Chair.

Engineering & Manufacturing

The Engineering and Manufacturing Working Group was established to educate Parliament and Government, carry out research and propose policy designed to further the aims of promoting Engineering and Manufacturing education.


The Heritage Working Group’s remit is to protect the UK’s impressive aviation history & help airshows flourish. Chaired by Robert Pleming with Robert Courts MP as the parliamentary Chair.

More details about each of the Working Groups, including their Programmes of Work, can be found by clicking on each of the names above.